Isaiah 6:6-7 Expanded Bible (EXB)

One of the ·heavenly creatures [L Seraphim; v. 2] flew to me with a hot coal [L in his hand] he had taken from the altar with a pair of tongs. ·The creature [L He/It] touched my mouth with the hot coal and said, “·Look [T Behold], your ·guilt [iniquity] is taken away, because this hot coal has touched your lips. Your sin is ·taken away [forgiven; covered; atoned for].”

My Truth

Honestly… I really never wanted to be used by God. Not ever in my life. Until I had a Road To Damascus kind of journey with Jesus. I remember being jealous of those who would hop and skip with Jesus… meanwhile I felt like I was forced to be with God.

I mean I tried to leave so many times… I did everything I could to run from the purpose on my life.. but I cant.. Because when God has made a decree that’s it.

Being A Black Woman In Ministry

Im not cookie cutter. Im rather urban… Not to ghetto but I talk like I have sense. Yet.. I feel like the most pain I have felt in ministry is not feeling like “I look like” I should be a preacher or speaker.

I know what it feels like for people to tell me that I don’t “look like” I’m something. And interesting enough .. sometimes its my own people who are the meanest… but why is that?

There’s Nothing Wrong With Being A Dark-Skinned/ Black Woman In Ministry !

For this exact reason we NEED to stop ripping each other to shreds, betraying one another, and upholding the demonic stereotypes that the world has given us.

I believe that God is going to use us “black women” to show that we can be feminine and motherly and anointed AND have a gentle and quiet spirit all at the same time.


Here is the thing… In order for this to happen we as black women have to stop finding our strength in demonic music such as beyonce…kanye west.. jay z… AND FIND ALL OF OUR STRENGTH IN GOD !

Remember black woman… matter of fact ALL WOMEN that you are loved… I refuse to waste my strength on YOU but I will correct you when The Holy Spirit Leads !

Love You All With The Love Of The Lord !



The Jesus Letter

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s around 6:45 in the morning and I cannot explain the peace that I feel. I just finished praying. When I came out of the prayer I had this peace of God that I have not felt in years. When I was done praying… The Holy Spirit prayed something to me… He said… “You haven’t done this in years. You haven’t worshiped me like this in years.”

Honestly… I feel heartbroken and guilty. Because I know what God is saying to me. Years ago I was on fire and in love with God. I dated Him.. I loved Him.. I listened to Him.. I heard Him. I LOVED HIM !

There was a time that God warned me in a dream not to date someone because he was sent by the devil to get me off course.. Man.. was that true. I spiraled out of control. I left the church. I gave up on God. I was threw… I was done. But in my lowest… I mean my LOWEST ! The Lord came to me and spoke.. He said, “I am the GOD OF HOSEA.”

Can you imagine ? Being so low in sin.. and God loves me so much that He spoke to me to bring me back..

Years.. Years.. Years..

God I love you so much.

This week I hear the Lord saying… “I’m restoring the years.”

God is restoring the years and the time that you cried yourself to sleep. The times people lied and laughed at you. GOD SAID ! “I’m making all things new”

In the midst of this REFUSE to complain ! No matter what you may face today…absolutely refuse and trust God ! Because this is the week that God is going to make you forget the years !

Love ,

Diamond ❤